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Comic-Con 2009 Report



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Comic-Con 2009 Report

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Whew, I'm tired! Yes, it has been a week since I got back from San Diego Comic Con and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep! But I managed to find some time to write a bit about my adventure to Comic-Con...it was a doozy.

This year I drove down with my buddy, Wahab. We wanted to avoid driving straight down to San Diego, so we broke up the trip by going to LA first. He suggested visiting Los Angeles Central Library, because he had been wanting to see some murals by Dean Cornwell. I was up for it because I love libraries in general! Anyway, the library and the murals turned out to be pretty darn amazing. Definitely worth the visit!

On Wednesday morning, we decided to head out to San Diego early so that we could ease ourselves into Preview Night. We had an easy move-in, picked up some friends at the airport, and chilled before the con began. I tabled right next to Sturdy Comics once again, which this year was comprised of the talents of Wahab Algarmi (www.wahabalgarmi.com), Anthony Hon (www.motenai.com), Sherwin Viray (www.heydanger.com), and Jeremy Natividad (http://mightyrobot.blogspot.com/). And then the craziness of Comic-Con had begun! Preview Night was busy...I think it's the busiest I've ever seen in the last 6 years.

At the Bumperboy table, I was selling a few new things, like the Bumperboy Mini-Megazine, a new adult t-shirt, and a baby onesie (all available at the Bumperboy Shop folks!). They sold pretty well, especially to the repeat customers! I also got some nice reponses from brand new fans...their enthusiasm really pushes me to continue to do what I do. Some fans were even nice enough to make Bumperboy crafts!

Here's Dean G. with his first attempt at Sculpey ever...and he sculpted Bumperboy!

Here's Shelby E. with her the Bumperboy Shrinky Dinks that she made with her mom and sister. They made a Bumperpup pendant (which I'm holding) and a Bumperboy business card holder (which Shelby is holding). The crummy thing is that someone stole the shrinky dinks off of the business card holder sometime during the con! I'm so mad!!

I didn't walk around the con floor too much, because of my fear of being away from my table for too long. I hate to have my friends be stuck with trying to sell the billion things on my table. But a big thanks goes to Eidelyn and the Sturdy Comics guys for helping me out whenever I did have to leave. The crowds were crazy as usual out there and most of my floor walking had to occur before the hall was open to the public.

Some highlights.

Some of the funny costumes I saw.

The exhaustion continued all the way up to the last day of the con. Sunday, Wahab and I decided we wanted to get a parking spot in the garage below the convention center so that move-out would be easy, but we knew we had to beat the crowd to get a spot. So we headed out there at 6:30am, slept in the car til 8:00, and walked into the con like bleary-eyed zombies. Every year at Comic-Con, it's always exhausting. Sometimes at the end of every con, I think to myself, "Why do I do this?" But when you factor in hanging out with your friends, seeing old fans, meeting new fans, and doing what you love, it's all worth it.

On the drive back home, we caught some fireworks that Disneyland was shooting off. We were still driving on the freeway, and it looked like we were driving right into the fireworks at one point. It was a nice ending to the weird and crazy fantasy land that Comic-Con is. And then we drove back to reality.

  • Shelby's gotten so big! She'll probably be taller than me next year. I'm sorry someone ripped off your shrinky-dinks...that's just rotten.
    • I know!! That was the first thing I said when I saw her! Sarah is getting taller too...it won't be long before she catches up with her sis.
  • Did you bring down any of your felted Bumperboy figures? I had wanted to see them, but there was never enough time to stop by at your table.
    • I did bring the felted Bumperboy figures! Bummer that you didn't get to see them. Oh well, next time! Are you doing Wondercon again?
      • I doubt I'll be at WonderCon. I've been doing too much traveling, and I'm way behind on deadlines. In the next 3 months I've got Prague/Helsinki, Baltimore, and Tokyo.
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